July 20, 2011

grocery shopping

I think I may have found a way around the dreaded Car-ts at Reasor's.  You know the ones that are a bohemith of a contraption to wheel around the store. 

Who the heck decided that strapping a car to the front of a full size shopping cart would be a good idea?  Did they not take them for a test drive before sending the plan to the assembly line?  I imagine that is what driving a semi feels like.  Watch out for WIDE TURNS or you will be taking out end caps.  I don't know that from personal experience or anything.

Luckily our store also has these little miniature shopping carts.  There is a top and bottom section and the whole thing is about half the size of a full cart.  It is just the perfect size when you have too many items for one of those hand baskets and not enough for a big cart.  But the best part is that someone else will GLADLY do the shopping for you. 
I was promptly shoved out of the way so she could push the cart around the store.  For the entire trip.  Well at least until when we were going to check out and she stood on the bottom bar while I pushed.  I no longer felt like I had an almost 4 year old in the store with me.  Ooh speaking of miniature shopping carts do you remember when the grocery stores back in 1985 had kid size shopping carts to help shop with? Our local Skaggs Alpha Beta (in Texas) had those.  

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