May 27, 2011

toilet tissue roll wall art

A few months ago on Design Sponge I saw a toilet tissue roll decoration thing and decided to try it yesterday though I had no idea where I wanted to put it.  Since we recycle we have a ton of the little rolls in our paper box.  I think I used like 10.

First you smoosh them down...

Then you cut it into strips.  Of course i was wingin' it like I always do and didn't look up any of the steps.  I just made it all up as I went.  At first I measured 1 1/4 inch strips which left me with the ones you see below.  I ended up cutting the 3 big ones in half and just got rid of those little end pieces.

Once I had the rolls all cut up I started playing around with different patterns.

Finally I went online to see what the others looked like and settled on doing some simple flowers.

To make the flowers i just hot glued them together close to the centers.  After I had all the flowers glued together I started messing around with the layout.   When I got that figured out I hot glued the flowers to each other at the tips if the petals.  Sorry but there aren't any pictures of that.  I can't hold my camera and operate a glue gun at the same time.  The pattern ended up looking a little different than I had originally planned since the way I laid them out wasn't exactly obtainable when it came to gluing them together.

I decided to hot glue little buttons on to hide the centers and give them more of a flower feel.

I pointed out a couple spots to Kiera in her room where I thought it would be cute but she decided on somewhere completely different.  It just had to go next to the smoke detector since she is currently obsessed with it's function/purpose and flashing light. 

For the large part I used 3 of the the smallest nails that we have which are about 1/2 inch in length.  Then there were 4 that I hung freely (with the tiny nails) to look like they were falling.  I am fairly pleased with the way it looks.  Kiera loves it though and that's all that really matters. 


lesley said...

Love all your designs! That's so fun!!

Holly said...

I've seen so many of these on blogs lately and have loved them from the get go. I really like that you didn't paint yours and left them natural. They look amazing in her pink and brown room. You should be proud of yourself. Amazing job!

ella@lifeologia said...

This is very cute. Love it ;)

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