May 26, 2011

happy place

I am going to try something different with my writing today.  I try my hardest to write like I speak on my blog but it is really difficult.  You will notice it in some of my words.  Here it goes...

So yesterday was my last day of work for 5 days.  Woo hoo!  Today I'm gonna get my hair cut and my brows done.  That's the bad thing about short hair, it grows so stinkin' fast and you hafta get it cut more than if ya had long hair.

  We're gonna be headin' out to the river tomorrow morning with the in-laws and we won't come home until Monday.  They rented a cabin for all of us to stay in.  It's about 10 miles from our property at the Illinois River Ranch.

We actually stayed in these Memorial Day weekend last year.  And yes we will be floating the river, in a raft.  No I will not body float this time.  We've been gettin' a lota rain (and tornadoes) here in Oklahoma so throwin' yourself into a river that's higher than normal is stupid.  I only do stupid things some of the time. 

But I can't wait to be away from it all.  It is where I have no worries.  I don't think about work or cleaning my house or ladies who rear end your car and then lie about it to the insurance company.  I am just in the moment with my family. Nothing else exists.

 Have you ever been outdoors when all you hear is the breeze and the birds or flowing water and no.other.noise?  Or have you stood in a spot where you can see how tiny of a living creature you really are on this earth?  In the universe?  That's what I try to think about when things seem to be fallin' apart or if I am havin' a bad day.  Sometimes it works.   

Every time we go camping I take a walk, usually into the woods.  Alone.  Well I'm not really alone since this little guy follows me. 

But I'll walk off away from everyone until it is super quiet and I stop.

I close my eyes.

And I take deep breaths. 

After a few minutes I open my eyes and look at the sky.  Then I'm all good. 

Hmm.  Is that why people meditate and "go to their happy place"?  I sure feel good now after just mentally picturing all that.  So now I am curious what is your "happy place"?


Holly said...

Great post! I'm sure you'll have a great time. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep and the daily grind is running through my head, I picture my happy place to relax. My happy place isn't anywhere that I've been yet. I picture myself on the front porch of a cabin that I hope to own one day, far in the woods, reading a book. It helps me fall asleep.

lesley said...

My happy place is on the lake but my super happy place is on a beach.

amanda torres said...

My happy place is the ocean. Whether on the beach or out in the middle on a cruise ship, it's happiness for me.

Love the cabin you are staying in. Very cute!

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