May 25, 2011


I took Jimmy out on another date on Sunday.  Boy is he spoiled.  We dropped K-Dub off at the in-laws (it was her nap time too...aren't we nice) and headed to Church's Chicken to grab a small lunch before heading to the movies.  

I wanted to see Priest and Jimmy wanted to see Thor.  I agreed to see Thor and was surprised that it was in 3D.  You just never know what they are playing in our small theater and we aren't driving to Tulsa to see a movie unless we really want to see it with properly working surround sound.  I didn't know any of the back story of Thor so I went in blind. 
No worries, I have recently done some research and am all caught up.  Now X-Men is something I know all about thanks to my brother.

Now begin the drooling.

I can appreciate a good looking guy.  Yes I can.  I am a human being after all.  Jimmy doesn't look like that, never will, and I don't look like [insert name of some super hot chick].  
I will never forget the time that Jimmy and I went to see Lord of the Rings and Legolas showed up on screen for the first time.  I literally reached over and grabbed Jimmy's arm. 

He was just so pretty.  Yes I said pretty.  Because while Thor is a manly man of big buff hotness, and Legolas is graceful and pretty, I have Jimmy who is on-the-verge-of-a-metro-sexual-guy-who-is-a-total-hottie-with-his-beautiful-green-eyes-and-sexy-legs-with- biceps-that-he-doesn't-flex-nearly-enough-for-me that I get to stare at every single day for the rest of my life.  Whew, i almost ran out of breath!  I am utterly happy with my man thank you very much.  I don't usually find blonds attractive but every once in a while someone pops along. 

I did like the movie quite a bit.  I am glad I didn't know the back story otherwise I would have been pissed that they jacked up the story.  Cause they did.  I was very fidgety during the suspenseful parts of the movie.  I didn't bite my nails though!  Shocker I know. 

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