August 10, 2011

K dub quote of the day

Since Kiera's birthday was coming up I decided to sit down with her to go through her toys to see if there were any we could donate to Goodwill.  I explained that there are little boys and girls that don't get to have toys like she does and by giving some of our stuff away (Mama and Dada included) it lets those other little kids have toys just like her. 

We didn't get rid of as much as I wanted but she does play with all of it.  I think she has a ton of toys but she really doesn't.  There were a few thing she approved to be given to a friends new baby boy and we had a big garden center toy we donated to Goodwill.

Yesterday while I was waiting for her to get out of my car I asked her to grab her backpack.  Now we bought her a new bigger one to use for school but only when she starts school...which is only 8 days away.

So she she picks it up and says "Mama, since I have a new backpack we need to give this to someone else so they can use it."


I glance over at Jimmy who is now smiliing and he says "Thats what I like to hear."  I told her we will definitely do that.

 The real parenting is in full swing in our home.   

1 comment:

Holly said...

Such a sweet girl. You're doing a great job, Mama!

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