June 27, 2011

water baby

We had a super busy weekend.  Friday we had dinner at our friends house then Saturday Jimmy went to hang with his BFF for some guy time while Kiera and I went to Big Splash.  Let me tell you that girl is adventurous, and brave.

First we had to go down these slides they have.  There are 2 of them right next to each other, one pink and one green.  They are straight and pretty darn short.  They drop you into 9 feet of water and she loves it.  She just pops right back up since she wears her life jacket. 

I got tired of going down them because we did that for a while when I spotted something I thought she would love.  A diving platform.  I told her that it was really high out of the water like the bluffs she wants to jump off of at the river.  We let her jump off of one that was about 3 foot off the water not the 10+ foot ones that Jimmy and I jump off of.  I found this video of some random girl jumping off of it so just imagine its my 3 year old.  

Yes Kiera loved it and jumped off of it 3 times.  No hesitation.  I was of course waiting in the water for her.  But she just kicked and paddled her way over to me.  It looks a lot higher in person than it does in the video.  I should know because I jumped off of it first! 

Then on Sunday we were finally able to go on our first float of the year!  We went with Jimmy's parents.  I forgot my camera and was not going to take my phone onto the river.  Why I will take my point and shoot but not my phone is a great mystery.  Probably because my phone is...my phone.  No home phone here, just cell phones.  So yeah, you see the importance.  Any.Way.  It was a perfect day.  The water was just the right temperature.  The sun was HOT.  I was smart and wore a TON of Water Babies sunscreen.  And since I dont have a picture from this trip I will share a couple from last year.

And yes my child can sleep anywhere.  You can't see her?  She is next to the ice chest under the shirts.

Boy do we love her for that!


ella@lifeologia said...

Wow she loves water so much.
And you are super lucky to have a good sleeper ;)

amanda torres said...

I love everything about this post. Water is by far my favorite part of summer.

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