June 24, 2011

this is like so totally random

I am in a random type of mood so I thought I woud do some rambling.

1.  I am repainting something in my house.  It wasn't on my to do list for the year but I got sick of looking at it.  Only in the process of painting I will have to fix something else along the way.  It's something I have never done before.  Thanks to John and Sherry at Young House Love I have the confidence to do-it-myself.  I will let you know how it turns out.  I also have to say that Jimmy is trusting me to do something with our home.  He is confident that I will do a good job and I can't tell you how much that means to me.

2.  After re-reading some of my posts and reflecting on what I have said I hope people don't think I am bashing on stay at home moms.  I am totally not at all!  My mom was a stay at home mom and thinking back on it I loved it.  She was always there for my bother and I.  I really haven't missed out on alot of milestones for Kiera.  I heard her first laugh.  I saw her roll over for the first time.  I was there when she used the big potty for the first time.  I saw her take her first steps.  I am OK with working.  I am growing as a person dealing with adult situations that I wouldn't be doing while at home.  So it is good for me and will help me be a better mom and wife.  I am also positive that Kiera will know that if she ever needs me I will be there in a heartbeat.  My family comes first over any job.   

3.     I need to make a chore chart for Kiera.  She is old enough now to start helping with little things around the house.  Right now she helps put up dishes out of the dishwasher and helps with recycling.  The other day her toys were scattered everywhere in the house and we told her she needed to clean them up before her nap.  After she got them all put up she said "That was hard work" and proceeded to act exausted from the act.  Now I just need to think of some simple things for her to do.  Any suggestions?

4.  I want a pool in my backyard.  Not just a kiddie pool but a real pool.  I don't even care if it's one I have to assemble myself.  I would be in it everday.  We don't have any public pools in town where I live so I have to drive K-Dub and I to Big Splash in Tulsa to swim.  It's a 20+ minute drive depending on traffic!

5.  A couple weeks ago Jimmy cut down these tree bushes in our back yard that the previous owners planted too close to the house.  THANK YOU JIMMY!!!!  Now there are just little stubbs next to the ground which we (I) should really get those dug up.

6.  I know exactly what I am going to do for Kiera's 4th birthday pictures.  I have had the spot picked out for a almost year.  It is awesome.  I promise you will never have seen a 4 year olds picture taken with the backdrop I have found.  I just need to pick a weekend to do it.  And figureout what she would like to wear.   

And I guess that's it for now!

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