June 23, 2011

love these guys

If you haven't noticed yet I like to take comparison pictures.  Before and after.  I have done this with Kiera's feet, Kiera next to her toys, painting, and such.  Of course my favorite to compare are people.  Not in a bad way of course but seeing how people change or grow over the years. 

On my dad's side of the family I am the only granddaughter. 

 This is a picture of me and all my cousins (except for my bother Colby) at our Papa and Grandma's 50th wedding anniversary July 4, 1998.  And to give you a run down of who goes with who Jarrid, Josh, David = brothers; Dustin, Jade, Kevin = brothers; Me and Colby =sis/bro.
(Keirsten is Jarrid's oldest daughter)

 And then in September 2007 after our Papa's funeral.

These guys have always included me in everything they did whether it was playing in our great grandma's barn, playing Jarts, wrap around football or Croquet in our grandparents backyard.  Did you have to look up what Jarts are?  Seriously, we were playing Jarts when we were oh I'd say 8 years old.  Somehow it never ended in a trip to the hospital with it impaled in someones brain.  I guess some of us we were fairly responsible. 

But here is all (some are not in the picture) of us setting up a game of croquet, the day before Papa's funeral.  We had tons of fun.  There was lots of laughter and banter and hugs.  What you don't see is all the 10 "adults" sitting on the patio watching. 

And since Jimmy and I were playing Grandma watched 5 week old Kiera.   Until she got passed off to my parents or some other family member dying to hold my beautiful baby girl.
Like these two after we finished our game
So I seriously love these guys.  We can go 3 years with out seeing each other and it's like we just spoke yesterday.  I wish I could see them more but life and adulthood happened.  Along with 2-5 hours of driving! 

Oh and just FYI, of all the great grand kids, girls outnumber the boys.  6 Girls 4 Boys...Keirsten, Kinsey, Kaitlin, Kiera, Karsyn, Elsie, Kaden, Hunter, Holden, Heston.  I guess David didn't get the memo that Elsie's name needed to start with a "K" or "H". 


Hespyhesp said...

We used to play croquet in our front yard growing up. I was crazy competitive. NOBODY beats Hesper!! lol

Laura Brown said...

I love this one!!!!! Good times and great memories!!!!!! yall have an amazing famaily!!! So glad I know you all and I still love yall :)

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