August 12, 2014

Kiera's 7th Birthday

For Kiera's birthday this year we decided to camp out at the river.  We invited other people but no one came out besides Jimmy's dad, his aunt and two cousins.  I had a conversation with Kiera that her friends couldn't make it and luckily she was OK with it.  We went up to camp on Thursday evening since Jimmy and I both took off work on Friday. 
Friday we were going to take Kiera to the big blue slide but it was closed.  We headed on into Tahlequah and took her to a park to play for a little while.  After that we headed on over to Del Rancho for some lunch.  Jimmy and I used to eat at Del Rancho after being on the lake with friends all day during the first few years we were together.  Good times, good times.  They have the best steak sandwiches EVER, and their Indian Taco's are pretty awesome too.  Kiera had a grilled cheese  sandwich. 


After lunch we decided to head back up to camp  and we first let Kiera open her Lego present from us which she loves. 

We also made Snoopy snow cones with the thing she got from Jimmy's mom.  It is definitely something we will be making outside. 
Then we decided to go down and swim for a bit. There were some clouds to the north of us which wasn't enough make us leave but once we saw lightening we decided that was our cue to bolt (ha! pun intended).     

Jimmy and I were working on setting up the tent for when his aunt and cousins would arrive when the rain came.  We could hear it coming in the trees and had to scoop everything up and put it under the canopy which we did  just in time.  It rained hard for an hour and a half.  How hard you ask?  Jimmy's dad said "it reminds me of the monsoon season in Vietnam".  Lovely.  There were a lot of lightning strikes around our area and the thunder was cracking right over head.  The rain eventually stopped and left everything soaked but it was all good. 
Saturday we went on a 6 mile raft float (minus Jimmy's dad).  It went by fairly quick since the river was up about 5 feet from all the rain.  Just before we got back to camp it started to rain again!  Kiera, Alyana and myself were in the back of the truck getting pelted by the rain.  It stings when it hits you at 20 miles an hour.   Everyone eventually piled into the camper and I decorated Kiera's Unikitty cake for her party.  I am not proud of the way it turned out because 1. I was doing it in the camper and 2. the humidity in the air was not helping the icing at all!  I took a picture of it but I will not be sharing it.  The rain was the same monsoon type that it was on Friday, but it eventually cleared and we made our was down to the clubhouse to have the party.

I love the view in the clubhouse, walls full of windows overlooking the river.  I could definitely live in there, sitting on the deck drinking coffee in the mornings.


Kiera said she had fun but wished there were more activities.  Uh, I though I did pretty good.  Unikitty coloring pages,  unicorn horns, pin the horn on Unikitty, party horns and poppers.  I guess that's what she gets for telling me to do what I want!  However, I am so very thankful for everyone participating in the activities and really making it a special day for our girl. 

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