August 7, 2014

For Mimi and Pappy

Ohmygoddness, a post two days in a row?  Don't get used to it.  I won't be back posting until next week.  We have a birthday in the house for this little lady tomorrow and we are going to be camping out at the river for a few nights.  This here is for her Mimi and Pappy (aka my parents). 
She got a card in the mail from my parents on Tuesday which had some cash and a $10 Kohl's cash coupon.  I told her she had to wait until after her birthday to see what kind of toys she got before she could spend the cash but we could use the Kohl's coupon since it expired yesterday.  So last night (at 9pm, which is truly an awesome time to shop if you really want to get out that late) we went to Kohl's so she could pick something out.  I always explain to her she can either get a few things or one big item to equal whatever dollar amount she has to spend.  We looked at jewelry, clothes, all the little junk they have in the girls section (purses, kid jewelry, lip gloss, etc.).  For some odd reason she always wants things that she already has at home so I have to remind her she already has that.  For that reason I don't completely let her pick whatever she wants, I always try to have her think about what she has and what she will actually use.  We don't buy things just to buy them.  In the end she picked out the cat shirt, press on Disney Princess nails, and some gold shimmery polish. 
And I apologize for the craptastic photo.  Night time plus iPhone camera equals no bueno. 

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