April 7, 2014

2014 First Camp

A couple weeks ago we had our first camp of the year.  As I was cooking breakfast the first morning I look through the window I see this.  I love this picture. 

Later on after breakfast they are cuddling together and I love how Kiera has her leg draped over Jimmy.  I don't know what their conversation was about but I know there was a lot of love and giggles.  

After they had enough of that Kiera wanted to take some pictures with my camera.
I would say she did quite well.
Of course I get my fair share of cuddles and love too.  If I sit down for 10 seconds there will always be a child, cat or dog on me at any given time and there are many times I have all three.  It is a pretty awesome feeling. 
After love time was over we all went down to this little hidden waterfall near the campsite.  It has probably been at least 10 years since I have been down to see this waterfall.  I have asked about going down there many times but the trail to get there has been so grown over.  We could hear it from our camper since the water was flowing from the recent rains.  

 I had Kiera attempt to take a picture of me but it didn't turn out so well.  I always forget to switch my camera to auto instead of manual. 

Another miniature waterfall down stream from the big one.  She wanted to follow the stream but it was too difficult to get down there. 

I have a thing about always looking down at the ground when I am walking.  I love the colors and textures of moss and tree trunks, mushrooms and ferns.  Just looking at all of these pictures a couple weeks later completely relaxes me. 

 Dada ended up feeling not so well that weekend so Kiera and I hung out by ourselves quite a bit.  We went down to the park for a while and then went to check out the river.  These are the only times that there is nothing keeping us from taking things slow and just relaxing and playing.  No tv, no housework, nothing.  It is quite wonderful.

That's my arm she is clinging on to.  This happens daily. 



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