March 12, 2014

Wood and rifles

The last few nice weekends we have had in our neck of the woods we decided to head up to the property for the day to split the wood from the trees we cut down a few weeks ago.  Well Jimmy cut down the trees and once he cut up the trucks I stacked them.  Then I would put the logs up on top of another so he could split them.  Then I would rearrange them and then stack the split pieces in a pile. 

I was just moving it so he could split it some more. 

Then we had to load it into the back of his dad's truck to move it to the back side of the building.  Talk about a good work out!  We  just finished up the last couple piles on Sunday and now we just have a couple brush piles that we will burn when we aren't under a burn ban. 

Kiera was running around doing who knows what.  She was out of our way so that was all that mattered.  We also had music playing in the truck while we worked and there was quite a bit of dancing between all 3 of us too. 

We were totally responsible while drinking beer and splitting wood...
...And shooting guns.  A coworker of Jimmy's gave me this rifle.  It is old and needed a good cleaning which I learned how to do.  Like completely break the gun down and clean all of it.  I also stripped the varnish, sanded it down, stained and sealed it.  I made him a batch of my home made banana nut muffins as a thank you.   
Jimmy's dad has a similar one which he is holding and is what mine looked like before I refinished it.  Jimmy has mine in the picture below (we were shooting at our empty beer cans hanging from tree limbs).  Sunday we took the zombie face targets I grabbed at Wal mart out there and practiced shooting at those!  I was thisclose to getting a bulls eye!  

We are pretty eager to start camping and the property is definitely ready for campers now!  A week and a half and we will be out there for the first time this year.  Woo woo!

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