December 16, 2013

Random thoughs while sitting alone

Saturday I got up nice and early (like I always do) got a shower and headed down to the shop with Jimmy's truck to get the oil changed and tires rotated and balanced.  It took a little over an hour and I wasn't ready to leave when they called my name.  I was really really enjoying drinking my coffee while reading the Oklahoma Magazine and National Geographic. I took pictures of things I wanted to remember and words that struck a cord in me, plus a couple other things.  I figured I would share some of that randomness here today.
I am not a fan of animal print but these sinks are awesome.
I have never had the occasion where I needed a fancy dress like this but I think it would be super fun to wear one out for a special evening with the hubs.  Like one of those big new years eve parties.  And I would not say this dress is really my style but you get the idea.

There was an article where a few senior citizens were interviewed and as usual they had some great advice.  I ought to hang around more seniors.  Here are a couple things that I really liked. 

I want to learn the good and the bad, the fun things and the boring.  I know some people don't want to know all the harsh realities of this world we live in but I don't want to be blind to it.  Nothing will ever change if you pretend it doesn't exist.  And we haven't got where we are today without learning and someone doing something about it! 

I believe this is a great key to a successful marriage.  I really make sure to practice this with Jimmy.  We aren't super busy with other people but all the time (we still get together with friends occasionally) since we are working on raising our girl.  It will change once she gets older. 

In Afghanistan there are major issues with poppy cultivation.  It was quite interesting and sad at the same time.  

There was a map of the United States with the most popular surnames in all areas and where the names originated from.  I even see my name in the area where I live!  Woo hoo!  The website can be found here.

This fish has made it's home in the barrel of an M-60 tank. This is part of reef conservation where tanks, ships, etc. are sunk to help create new homes for ocean life.  I was worried they were just dropping stuff in the ocean but extensive research is done to determine the ecosystems needs and what the best supplies are to create the artificial reef, the rate of decomposition, etc.

This is the Neptune Memorial Reef.  The arches and columns are made of cement and cremated human remains.  Yes the people knew they would be part of an underground   cemetery, which is also part of reef conservation. 

This is a wing of a freaking bird!  Absolutely gorgeous.  I need to paint this on a giant canvas.  I didn't even pay attention to what kind of bird it was.

Anything science related is totally my thing.  I get it and it has always been an interest of mine, even when I was a kiddo in school.  I think I need some national geographic magazines in my life.

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