December 18, 2013

Santa 2013

I realize most things I post on here are about our precious baby girl but I can't help it.  A lot of the things we do are because of her and who wants to see me go on about what we at for dinner (most likely something frozen) or what we did at work.  Well you can't hear tons about what Jimmy does at work because there is government security going on there and I do all sorts of stuff (think state and company policies, medication reviews, file auditing, training, abuse and neglect investigations, etc., etc., etc.). 

Enough about all that!  We are here to look at some pictures with Santa!  Bass Pro was stupid busy with people waiting to see Santa (didn't help we were there an hour after they opened on Sunday) and we waited like an hour to see him.  They have a new process of handing out cards with times on them and I am not entirely sure that it helped, it might have kept the chaos at bay since everyone was walking around the store and not just hanging out in one spot. But the setup they have is awesome and the pictures are FREE! So in the meantime we joined everyone else and looked around the store.  


Kiera asked for an Alien Autopsy again this year since Santa did not bring it last year (she was not upset that she didn't get it) but he will bring it this year!  I just know he will.  Wink wink.


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