December 13, 2013

December snow 2013

I remember last year the weathermen predicted snow on Christmas day and when it didn't happen we were pretty bummed.  I don't really get mad at the weathermen since they are "predicting" what the weather is going to do and the planet's weather patterns cannot be controlled.  Last Thursday snow began to fall and on Friday my office was closed and K was out of school (she was even out on Monday and Tuesday), though Dada is a tough guy and went to work for a while.  We had a lovely time playing in the snow for about 30 minutes.  It was 20 degrees with a wind chill of like 9 so yeah, it didn't last long.  

I was a total weirdo and played on the side of house where you cant see the yard from the living room.  I wanted to be able to look out my windows as long as I could and see pretty untouched snow in the yard.  

Jimmy noticed I didn't have any makeup on in this picture.  I usually wear makeup when we will be running around town but there are many times that I don't.  Especially during the summer.

The snow was very dry so we weren't able to make a snow man but a snow mound.

I also had the bright idea to take our pictures outside.  Actually looking at all the family pictures on Instagram and other blogs in the snow is what gave me the idea.  I ran around the house grabbing up some things to use as props and used the fence as our backdrop.  I mean the weather changes so drastically every other day here in Oklahoma so I had to jump at the chance to take our pictures in the snow!

This is the full size one from above and we absolutely love it!  Of course that night I ordered one 20x24 and three 8x10 prints of it from MPIX.  It was my first time ordering from there and we are very impressed with the quality.  Now I just need to get a matte and slap it in the frame I have! 


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