November 25, 2013

True Color Aura

So on Facebook a friend posted a quiz that she took and it looked a little interesting so I decided to take it.  11 questions later and it told me my true color aura is green.  I was a little shocked after reading what it said that it was about 95 percent accurate.  Any notes I added are in parenthesis throughout.


Most people associate green with money, which green is one of the least materialistic auras around.

Comfort is most important to them and they like to feel as relaxed as possible in any situation. Greens also like to try to make others feel at ease. Greens tend to shy away from aggression and anger, and are usually the peacemaker. The one thing that ticks greens off is when people can’t get along; they wish everyone was kinder to one another.

They always have a fresh perspective on things and are very innovative and smart. Greens tend to embrace change and growth, and are always excited about what’s on the horizon.

They are very driven, competitive, and even a bit jealous. However, they seek out balance in their lives and usually achieve it.

Greens are a natural healer and persuader. They always find it easy to get what they want in life, whether it is material success or just making a difference in other people’s lives. (Uh, healer part yes, persuader I think but indirectly)

A strong Green individual lives in a world of intangibles where hopes, dreams and emotions are most important. You look at the big picture, are not detail oriented (yes I am), and like to explore possibilities and alternative ways of doing things. You march to your own drummer and frequently find it difficult to get on the same wavelength as others. This often puts pressure on your relationships.

You have a rich vivid imagination and thrive in an atmosphere that encourages the use of your creative abilities and talent.

Your intuition is highly developed and you seem to be able to sense what others are feeling. 

You are practical, down-to-earth person. You are stable and well balanced You are kind, generous and compassionate. You have a great need to love and to be loved and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve- you are an open book. You have a need to belong.

You are at home in any social situation. (No, no I am not)

You have high moral standards and doing the right thing is important to you. You like to be accepted,appreciated and admired for the good you do in the community as well as in your family life. (I am definitely a rule follower) 

You are a loyal friend and a faithful partner, gentle but not passionate.

You are strong-willed and do not like to be told what to do by others. (Yep)

You do like to win arguments and do not concede defeat easily.

You are not a risk-taker and not action orientated, rather more of an observer. (I am a risk taker and an observer, depends on my mood and how brave or shy I am feeling that day.)

Detail bores you. You process information quickly and prefer to develop an idea, organize a plan and then delegate the rest to someone else.  (I am very detail oriented and would rather do things myself, so it gets done right!)

The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others is one of your true talents.


So yeah.  That's me basically.  There is a lot more than that but you get the idea!

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