November 22, 2013

I can do it by myself

A phrase that we are hearing a lot more of these days is "I can do it by myself".  She is so proud when she says it  yet there are still plenty of times she asks for help or says "I CAN'T DO IT!"  Of course those are the times we tell her to keep trying and that she can't just give up.

So when she wanted to paint her nails the other night she got everything out on her own.  I ran some warm water in the sink with some soap like they do when you get a pedicure so she could wash her feet.  We always do this and most of the time I massage her feet and legs and then dry them off for her.  Other than that she didn't want me to help except on 2 toes.  That was it. 

Apparently she didn't mind the way they looked and that is OK.  If she is happy, I am happy.  I have been pretty darn good at letting her help with things even though it either takes forever or won't look that great.  I mean how else is she going do learn to do anything unless she actually does it?

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