November 18, 2013

Kiera's bedroom

Well I feel it is safe to say I am done with Kiera's room.  I shared a few things here before and finally picked a wall color.  I am not sure if I mentioned before but Kiera wanted a rainbow room so that's what she got, within reason of course.  Some of it I chose and some of it she chose.  None of the colors here are really reading true to life, but I guess this one is the closest, and the wall color has some green in it not so baby blue like you see here. 

You can't tell in this picture (since I hadn't fixed it yet) but I added red flannel backing to the curtains because the light shone through from the window.  I didn't even think about that happening when I made them.  Kiera wanted pink curtains and I was having a hard time finding a pink that matcher her quilt.  I think this is from the same fabric line, just a different pattern.   I am pretty proud of myself for making that quilt too, especially since it was my first ever!

 Ohhh her desk and bookshelf.  It only looks this tidy because I cleaned it by trashing all the bazillion happy meal toys and organizing the books while she wasn't around.  She has plenty of toys  they are just hidden in bins under her bed.  She has a few little nick knacks that she likes to keep on the bookshelf which is fine.  This is her room after all and I will respect some of her little treasures.  I mean, the girl brings home rocks and shells and little sticks in her jean pockets every single day.  The desk and lamp I brought home because it was going to be trashed and she loves them.  She loves the desk and we constantly find her sitting there and drawing.  I would like to eventually spray paint the lamp and add a cute little canopy of ribbons above her name 'cause it looks a little bare up there.

She had a hand in helping with a couple things on the wall above her bed.  I found the butterflies and mirror at a yard sale for like $1.  They were an ugly brown color so I gave them a coat of white primer and I let Kiera go to town on the butterflies while I painted the mirror.  I let her loose on the "K" also and I did everything else.  I think I mentioned before the "Summer Girl" is a Katie Daisy painting that I modified.

 Oh and I really like the envelope pillow cases I made too (they are super easy and addicting).  I love houndstooth (almost as much as plaid) and jumped at buying it when I saw it in JoAnn's (it was new).  Do you know how hard it is to find a cute purple fabric?  This is actually flannel!  I didn't have enough for the length so I had to use some from the width of the fabric to make it a little longer.  I kept staring at it wondering why it looked different in the middle and then I realized the fabric is upside down.  Luckily I did that on both pillow which was a happy accident. I think it adds a little extra somethin' somethin'. 

This is one of my favorite things in her room.  I found this rock in the Illinois River (where we always go swimming and camping) and kept it since it is in the shape of Oklahoma, and the rose rock (our state rock) my dad gave Kiera.  I slapped some scrapbook paper in the shadow box and used this thick double sided tape to hold the rocks in place.
 And I love the dream catcher I made her too, since she is Cherokee and all (so is Jimmy, I am not).

She is happy with her room now and that is all that matters. 

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