September 11, 2013

K's Bedroom Redo - in process

I have been in the process of redoing Kiera's bedroom since she no longer likes the pink and tan and brown and have kinda been working on it for months. I totally planned on having it done for her birthday at the beginning of August and when that didn't happen I then hoped to have it done by the end of August. Here we are in September and all I have to show for it is a partially done quilt (my sewing machine copped an attitude one night a month ago which is ending up to be a $150 attitude), a bunch of random stuff to hang on the walls (which aren't hung yet) and a ton of blue squares on the wall since I can't find the perfect color. Hopefully by the end of September it will be done.  I figured I would share a few pics of things I have done and what a hot mess things are. 
A dream catcher made out of fabric scraps, embroidery hoop and doily.  There are also some feathers and turquoise beads hanging from the sides and the top there.

Here is the quilt I am in the process of making.  Super simple. A lot of straight lines.  Sim.ple.

I recovered the letters of her name hanging on the wall. 

This little hoop art was super easy to do.  Google it.

I also did my own twist on this Katie Daisy print.  Kiera is a summer girl all the way, when I showed it to her she said "Yep, that's me".   I think it needs more of something...or not.

There is more but they are stuffed in a bag...just waiting.  Gah I can't wait to get my machine back and finish that dang quilt!  I guess I will just have to do the rest of her room first!  Eventually!

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