November 4, 2013

Robbers Cave Fall Festival

A couple weeks ago while Kiera was on fall break we too a trip down to Robbers Cave for their 27th annual fall festival.  There were a ton of arts and crafts booths, a huuuge car show, lots of food and carnival rides.  Thousands of people were there over the 4 days. 

We took our camper down and set up in the equestrian campground.  I had a lot of fun seeing all of the horses around us, Jimmy was used to it since he has actually broken horses before.  Of course there was the hay and manure scent lingering in the air but it wasn't bad at all.  There are far worse things to smell than that.  Luckily we were right across the street from a park and there were lots of kids our girl could play with. 

We checked out the festivities two different days.  There wasn't anything I found I couldn't live without or make myself.  Seriously some of the junk people make and sell is just crazy.  We did buy Kiera a small wooden crossbow that came with a small quiver and a few "arrows".  You can even use a pencil with one of those weird triangular eraser tips as arrows. 
Someone was a happy camper with her 50 cent yard sale hoodie from the local university and someone was not a happy camper. 
Uh I absolutely love old trucks with wooden beds.  This one was absolutely beautiful. 

Of course there was face painting.  Gorgeous girl if I do say so myself!

She had to listen to some sort of bible story in order to ride on these little carts.  After she listened to the story we asked what she learned and she couldn't remember.  She sure looked like she was intently listening though.

We rode a few rides at the carnival and what I was most impressed with was that we got her to ride this thing with me.  She was just tall enough and we were the only ones on the ride that day.  I totally forgot that you leave your seat on this ride and the only the holding you in is the bars over your shoulders.  The nice man operating the ride actually let us hang upside down like this for I'd say 10 seconds.  That was about 7 seconds too long.  With all that said, she didn't make a single peep the entire time.  When the ride stopped the operator asked if she liked it and she said not at all.   And to think I HATE Ferris wheel's but rides like this don't bother me one bit. 

We were about a week too early to see the fall colors really come out in the trees but still it is beautiful there.

Up at the actual Robber's Cave I walked as far as I could into the cave to take this picture and watch the kids slide down the rock. I always get the strangest feeling when I am standing on a spot that I know something significant happened in the past.  Same as when we visited Pea Ridge battlefield, or standing on the Trail of Tears, or looking at a gigantic rune stone with strange carvings.  What happened hundreds of years ago on the little piece of grass that my home sits on as I type this?  I will probably never know.
One of the best things about the weekend is that we had zero cellular or Internet service.  There is nothing like getting away from absolutely everything.  And for now our camping is over until the spring time!

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