November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year as you can see Kiera was a black cat.  Quite the gorgeous black cat if I do say so myself!  I had a lot of fun putting the make up on her and we even put on some little press on nails that had black cats and paw prints on them. 

 We are totally going to be in trouble when she gets older. 

I had the bright idea of dressing like a mouse to go with her being a cat.  I made the ears out of gray foam, pink felt, a headband and hot glue.  The tail was made out of two big sheets of gray felt that I cut into a triangle and sewed it into a tail shape, stuck a hanger in it (so I could bend the tail) and stuffed it with pillow filling.  I also stitched a piece of ribbon on it so I could tie it around my waist.  I just wore Jimmy's gray sweats and rolled the waist since they were too long.  It worked out perfect since it gave me a place to hide the ribbon around my waist.   
We only trick or treated for about and hour.  By that time her bag was completely full of candy and she was done carrying it.  Next year she wants to be a vampire.  Maybe I can go as her human victim!

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