November 7, 2013

Patchwork Baby Quilt

Back in August I was telling my BFF that I was making a quilt for Kiera's room and she said she wanted a quilt too.  She eventually mentioned it again when I shared a picture of Kiera's room on Facebook, to which I replied I remembered what she said before though she now said she was kidding.  Of course you are my dear friend.  Even if she was I set my sights on her baby girl that is due December.  Oh and here is Kiera's quilt, super duper simple. 
Being my 2nd quilt I got a little gutsy and decided to make patchwork quilt.  I had some leftover fabric from Kiera's quilt but needed a little more batting and fabric.  I actually had to stitch together the batting since what I had was in pieces and needed to make it wider which it was really simple to do.  I kinda measured out the squares but the measurements weren't perfect since I didn't want them all to be the same size.  Me and the math part of quilting don't quite get along.  I think the quilt ended up being like 35x43?  I can't remember.  It is definitely big enough to be a lap quilt for my short 5'4" self!
I think this might be the closest to the true color.  It's nearly impossible to get the exact color to come across on a computer.  The red fabric I used was flannel which was also the backing and the batting I use is Warm and White.  I even make my own binding, which is just craziness but it is really easy.  It isn't that pretty after I sew it on but hey this was my 2nd quilt!  It will take practice! 
So Rach had her baby shower over the weekend and she was quite shocked when she opened the package.  I knew she would be. 
The quilt is really lightweight but super warm.  I am in love with that flannel backing.  I just makes it so much softer.  Now I am just trying to figure out who I need to make a quilt for next... 

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