October 16, 2013

Homecoming parade

Last week I took Kiera to our town's homecoming parade. I think my mother in law took her last year though I can't remember so I jumped at the chance to take her myself this year!
There was nothing impressive about it by any means but Kiera loved seeing all of the kids on the trailers and there was music of course. 
The kids on the "floats" threw out candy so Kiera had a blast picking it up.  I don't remember candy being thrown out to everyone when I was a kid, then again I was IN the parade.  Yay for band!  Not really.  I was only in band 6th through 8th grade and I played the clarinet.  I have no idea what happened on the side lines since I was busy marching and tooting my horn.  HA!  I am also wondering how many of you lovely blog readers out there in the world freak out over her picking up candy off the street to eat.  We are soooo not germophobes and the candy is a wrapper anyway.

We didn't go to the game though I would have liked to.  Kiera and I have had a cough and she also has a runny nose so it just wasn't a good idea.  And wouldn't you know Garth Brooks and Tricia were there?!  I still need to keep a better lookout for them in town.  Oh and we won the homecoming game too!  Go Rams!

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