August 21, 2013


Kiera turned 6 a couple weeks ago, which ended up being exactly 1 week to the day before she started first grade.  My mom was watching Kiera that day and was taking her to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch so I decided to take actually take a lunch and meet them there since it is 2 miles from my office.  We ate pizza and followed Kiera around while she played games.  I went back to work and when my boss found out it was her birthday he kicked me out of the office and told me to go have fun with my girl.  Don't gotta tell me twice so I bolted.  

We  hung out at my parents since I needed to stay in town for a hair appointment.  After my appointment Kiera and I met Dada and Papa at PF Changs for dinner.  The girl has expensive taste but they do have awesome food. 

Papa got her the boa she has been wanting for over a year now.

That weekend we had her birthday at a local pottery/ceramics place.  Our closest friends and a few family members were there.  We have never done anything like that before and it was fun.

Kiera wanted a guitar cake for some reason so that is what I made her.  Lucky for me her favorite flavor cake is the same as mine, strawberry cake with strawberry icing.  Mmmm, it was sooo good.  Totally not bragging on myself but if you have ever eaten a cake I have made, you would know.   I didn't get a close up of the cake with all the excitement and totally forgot to do it at home.  Oh well.

 We love every single one of these girls as our own. 

And through the magic of time and photography before and after!

That evening we went to a friends house (they were at the party, blonde 14 year old to the left) because it was Tater's birthday that day and we ate dinner and had some drinks.  Kiera really had a great birthday and party day, which was the goal!

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