August 22, 2013

We have a first grader

The evening before your first day of first grade we put you to bed at 8:30 because we knew you might have a problem falling asleep.  You did.  

The morning school started you had a bowl of fruit loops for breakfast.  

You watched just a little tv,  Pokemon and Ninjago.  Curious George is "lame" so you say and "for babies". 

You let me take your picture.  I really appreciate that you cooperate for that 2 minutes.  Really that is all I need and I luckily know how to work my camera quickly.

We walked to the bus stop and waited for.ev.ah.  We played our version of red light green light with more colors and motions.  Purple = dancing, blue = freeze, yellow = walk slow. 

Your bus arrived and we hugged and kissed before you were on your way.  

I didn't cry.

I was lucky enough to have to pick you up from school that day so I left work early.  After I got you we went straight to Cherry Berry for ice cream.

Afterwards I wasn't ready to go home just yet so I took you to Target to so you could pick out a toy and pay with your birthday money.  I helped you decide on this Barbie pool which is pretty awesome.   Oh and you still have money left over.  Woop woop!

Tomorrow you will be graduating high school and going off to college.  Not really but dang that is what it will feel like when the time comes.

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