August 20, 2013

Appreciating our girl

A few weekends ago we took a friend of Kiera's with us for her first camping trip.  She is a girl that we love dearly and have been friends with her mom for 10+ years.  It helped me realize a number of things about Kiera that I hadn't really appreciated before.  Not saying that our little friend is or isn't any of these, but after spending time with someone else's child I learned more about my own.

1.  I didn't like the feeling of splitting my attention between the girls.  It's probably because I am so used to giving all of my attention to one, and I guess you learn with the more you have.  It just reaffirms that I am truly happy with just one child.  I guess there was always that little tinge of "a sibling would have been nice" but that is definitely gone now.

2.  She is a sweet girl in her heart.  Even though she gets an attitude daily at some point in time we know she is just voicing her opinion and being passionate about her thoughts and feelings.  (Or she is just tired and cranky in which it is nap time)

3.  She is really easy going about everything.  A switch of plans isn't going to throw her world upside down.

4.  She is a fearless little thing.  She is cautious when doing some physical activities but will try anything.   

5.  She still looks to us for help and comfort but is and can very independent too.

6.  I love that she is social and not shy around anyone.  Start up a conversation with a couple teenage boy lifeguards at Big Splash?  Sure why not. 

7.  She is happy.  When your child does this all on her own, we must be doing something right.

8.  She loves all animals, insects, reptiles, etc. 

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