July 26, 2013


Fourth of July we headed back out to the river for some camper-ing.  Of course Kiera had her yearly picture taken in front of the fireworks.  You can see the previous years here.  As you look through them you can definitely see her personality blossoming more and more every year.  I am choosing to embrace it in the pictures and not make her something she is not. 

Not sure where she learned this hand gesture but apparently she felt the need to do it.  I always let her take a goofy picture first and then tell her I need a pretty one, which she is always happy to comply.

There's that personality!

This year we let her try out lighting some fireworks on her own.  We started with smoke bombs since they are easy and don't explode.  Oh but don't you know our fearless little girl started wanted to light  the little bee things and some smaller kid type fireworks. By the end of the night she was lighting the BIG fireworks with Dada.  Yeah, the big tube ones and all that other junk we had.  Who is freaking out about that?  Not us.  We want teach her responsibility.  What we don't want is for her to just go out and try things on her own and something bad happening. 

And then she asked to run through the smoke.  Sure, just hold your breath.

She is totally not aiming at Jimmy.  I just took the picture at an angle that looks like she is. 

The next night the river ranch was putting on a firework show and boy did they!  Once again we rode in the bed of the truck.  Me on the tailgate and Kiera in her chair. 

Our friends also met up with Jimmy Kiera and I and a floating we went.  We had a blast.  Yeah this picture is all kids of distorted in panoramic view.  The river was actually straight

Have I mentioned our girl is pretty fearless?  She totally is.  At the river ranch next to the clubhouse where we were camped are some bluffs, which get quite a bit of use when the water is at the right level.  Kiera jumped off of them with us and even jumped few times without.  There were some 18-20 year old guys that wouldn't jump when she walked right up and there she went.  She put them to shame!  But yeah she is freaking awesome. 


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