July 25, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

I see now that I haven't posted anything in almost a month but this girl has been busy.  I got a promotion at work so things have been a little crazy there.  And since it's summer we are having lots of fun on the weekends. 

So, Memorial Day weekend we stayed at War Eagle Resort outside of Tahlequah again.  It was a great weekend and I will share somethings that strike happiness in my heart.

Waking up and literally being able to look outside see the sun rise without leaving the bed.

Swimming in the river and relaxing along the banks people watching.  You can't tell but there were a ton of people around us.

Riding in the bed of the truck through the country and having a girl that can sleep in any position, anywhere, anytime.  (The truck is actually moving in this picture)

Taking float trips.  Soaking in the sun, cooling off in the clear water, seeing the contrast of the green trees against the blue sky.

Late night drinking and shenanigans after the little one went to bed. 

Making friends at the War Eagle water slide.  Love that about her.  Absolutely love it.

Nature drives through the country, seeing wildlife and watching the sun set.

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