May 14, 2013

Plastic bag obsession

Oh Lilly have always had an obsession with plastic bags.  As soon as I brought in the groceries you were all up in them checking out what was inside.  You love to lay in them and on top of them.  You didn't really like it that one time I picked up the bag with you in it.   

You will be 14 in June and you have been all mine since you were 8 weeks old, but I was also there when you were a newborn.   My first pet ever.  I don't consider you "pet" though, it's hard to since we can actually have conversations with you, and you mind us most of the time which has got the attention of neighbors when they witness it first hand.

  You sure have changed a lot in the last year or so.  Much more clingy and loving with Jimmy and Kiera and you actually like Berkley at times, though you try to hide it.  You are so much more relaxed around a group of people at the house.  I am still shocked from the time you came walking through the mass of people at Kiera's birthday party a couple years ago.  Totally not like the old (younger) Lilly.  And I really hope you live to be 20 something.  And if you must insist on throwing up grass or your food, can you please aim for the tile and not the carpet?  Thanks.

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