May 15, 2013

9 Years

9 years ago today I married my best friend.  Such a cheesy line but it's true.  He is my best friend and I don't think you should marry anyone BUT your best friend. 
(2001, my 21st birthday. I got hit on by a cop at QT.) 


I believe you should marry (or spend the rest of your life even unmarried if that's your thing) with someone if...

you can be 100% yourself around them 100% of the time.

(May 15, 2004!!!!)
you can laugh with (or at) them.

be a crying snotting hot mess for stupid reasons in front of them and they still think you are beautiful.

say completely inappropriate or stupid things and they don't judge you for it.

(We miss you Ceasar dog)
you are down and they lift you back up.

you can scream and yell at them and they love you the same.

you tell them the ugly bitter truth even though it hurts like hell, on both parts.

( August 2006, things were hurting like hell)

you can't imagine living your life with out them in it.

they are the person you can't wait to tell a story to or ask for their advice.

(Still working through hell.  First Christmas in our new house...2 weeks after this picture a little human began their life to make us a family of 3)

you are comfortable being naked in front of them (ok this may come later for some).

you would create human life with them.

(Riding 4 wheelers while 4-5 month pregnant is totally fine.  Really it is.)

they will hold your hair or get you a washcloth while you are throwing up even though they gag at just the thought of throw up.

you make complete and utter a fool of yourself, and they stick around.

(Fathers Day 2007, there's a little girl in that belly)

they make you feel like a good person.

they are the first person you want to see when you open your eyes in the morning and close your eyes at night.

they bring out the bad in you to help you change for the better.

they bring out the best in you.


I am so thankful we found each other.  We would not be the same without the other, and I don't like the person I would have been had he not come into my life.  For me it isn't hard being married, but it does take work.  Some days we drive each other crazy more than others, The things that drive me crazy are also the things I love about him.  It makes him who he is, and those are the reasons why I fell in love with him.   I am so excited for our future and hope to have a long life with him.   

Happy Anniversary Jimmy!   

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