April 15, 2013

Woolaroc Field trip

First off, guess who's 33 today??  This girl!

Friday I took a day of vacation and acted as a parent volunteer for the first time ever for Kiera's class field trip to Woolaroc (which is a 45+minute drive).  It was all kindergarteners and first graders that rode the buses and the parents/family members had to drive their cars, which ended up being like 30 cars!  Another mom and I were responsible for watching our 2 kids and 2 others.  

The buffalo were moving.  I can't look at a buffalo or hear the word with out hearing my dad sing "Oh you can't roller skate through a buffalo herd".  The mental image I get is hilarious. 

They all complained of the smell which really wasn't bad at all.  Smelled more of fresh hay then poop.

They got some energy out of their system playing for a bit. 

I also found out that my limit of kids to watch is 3 because I forgot about one of the kids for a little bit.  Oops.  Maybe the other mom remembered to watch him?  He is one of the boys in this picture trying to pick the lock with a stick.  They tried for a good 20 minutes.   Afterwards we had sack lunch in the shade, where it was quite chilly. Would have been nice to have a picnic table in the sun. 

The only time the kids quieted down and stood still was when they were watching this ceremony where the people actually move around.  At one point there were 8 kids around it, completely engrossed.

I though it was quite hilarious when the other little girl that was with us asked "Are indians real", which we replied yes and they are still alive today.  She replied that there weren't any on the bus.  I was too busy lauging to tell her that Kiera is.   

Apparently non of us can follow instructions when the sign clearly says "Do NOT Climb On Statue".  Well we can but only after pictures are taken.

Kiera got pretty clingy when it was time to load the bus and wanted me to ride with her.  She eventually forgot about me and was comforted by her friend. 

During this trip I was a little overwhelmed with Kiera's personality.  I know exactly what type of person she is but it is something to see in full force.  She is extremely outgoing, bossy, and she she can be pretty loud, which I can understand when she is trying to be heard though all the other kids, yet she is still loving towards all others.  I am the complete opposite her outgoing personality type.  I have to make myself let her be herself, because I do not want to hold her back.  I want her to not be afraid of talking to people and uncomfortable carrying on converstaions with a stranger, I want her to be a leader, and not afraid to speak up to be heard.  And as uncomfortable as it makes me to watch how she is (because if the attention is on her, it will also be on her mom, which I don't want), I do it for her.  She is on her way turning out exaclty like are molding her to.  

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