April 18, 2013

Random phone pictures

I really miss taking pictures with my DSLR, but I just haven't had the time.  I have been happily snapping away with my iPhone though.  It can take some pretty nice pictures on occasion when I have just the right lighting.  Oh and that is the only way I have been able to share these pictures with you, by using the Blogger app on my phone and the pictures from my phone.  Take that 1 gig limit!! 

I made a wand that was entirely too easy to make.  I took a wooden skewer, covered it in hot glue making sure the whole stick was covered while building up the hot glue towards one end and painting it.  It had a light shimmer to it because used a little bronze paint on top and covered it in Mod Podge since that is the only sealant I have on hand.  And my had looks really weird in this picture, ew.

Here is the Harry Potter open book cake I did that it went with.  The sides of the cake has grooves like pages too.  It was for Jimmy's 16 year old cousin.  Hard to believe she is 16 since she was just 2 when I first met her! 

I went walking around Lowe's one day all by myself and fell in love with these burlap lights.  Especially the round one on the left with the thick metal bands.

In an attempt to get more fruits into Jimmy and Kiera I took a stab at making a fruit smoothie, only I have a measly little Oster blender that probably isn't the best for this job and the fruit wasn't quite ripe yet.  I actually had to add a little sugar which defeated the whole purpose and they still didn't like it.  I am not giving up.  I definitely need to use riper fruit, maybe a little yogurt or sugar free ice cream to help make it nice and creamy.

I finally got to go to the zoo after the changed a bunch of exhibits.  I don't remember the last time I got to walk around there.  Sometime last summer, though the last time I was actually at the zoo was for the Zoo Run in October.

My friend/boss took me to Pei Wei for lunch on my birthday.  It was so so good! 

Love watching my girl when she sleeps, bringing Daffodil everywhere with her.

Someone is getting a newly decorated bedroom for their 6th birthday!  It isn't until August but I need month's to decide on a paint color, which is why they are plastered along her bedroom wall.  She picked out a picture of a room that she likes which is blue!  Though I am going for more of a light teal color.  A hint of green in it.  Yay no more pink!!! 

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Holly said...

You did not make that gorgeous cake! Did Not! Did Not! You are awesome!

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