April 22, 2013

Color Run 2013

Saturday I participated in the Color Run with 2 current coworkers and two former coworkers.  If you are not familiar it is a 5K Run (or walk) where you have to wear a white shirt and people throw colored cornstarch all over you.

We waited like an hour before we hit the start line.  And the start line is not the one you easily see in the picture, it is in the distance!  I did good and didn't freak out over it being packed, since you know I have space issues.  The girls were awesome to put me in an open space if they saw me scrunching up. 

Standing outside of the color throw at the end of the run...

Standing inside of the color throw.  It got real nice and dusty.

I don't know who any of these people are I just like the colors. 

I got a pretty awesome video with colors being thrown too, only I don't know how to upload it from phone. 

Kiera wanted to go so very badly but I hadn't planned for her to go so I saved a couple packs of color to have a Mini Color Run in our backyard.  She had a blast getting all colorful and throwing it on me too. 

1 comment:

Holly said...

Good for you doing the 5K! Looks like a lot of fun. You look amazing by the way, so fit! (I had to go back and make sure I wrote fit and not fat, because that would be awful!)

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