April 24, 2013

Massage my feet

Every night (and any other time I am on the couch) I have little feet thrust into my face with a request to "massage my faaaet because they so sore and they hurt".  Cracks me up how she says it with a totally exaggerated redneck accent, hence the weird spelling.  If my hands stop moving for 3 seconds the feet start twitching so I will massaging again.

Ah yes, things  are all good when the hands are moving and the beloved pink blanket and Daffodil are nearby as usual.

But when the hands stop and the foot twitching starts, it leads to lots of laughter from me trying to bite the toes and massaging other parts of her body like knees and rib.  For some reason she doesn't find massages in those areas very relaxing. 

One thing I notice while massaging her feet is that they are definitley little girl's feet. No longer a baby or a toddler's feet.  Long and slender, yet they are constantly feeling thicker.  I can feel her changing with my fingertips and I am reminded of this nightly.

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