April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a lovely Easter weekend.  We started on off on Saturday trading in Jimmy's Toyota Highlander for this guy, a 2012 Nissan Frontier.  The Highlander would pull our camper but it really struggled (we borrowed his parents truck when we went to Robbers Cave), the Frontier will have zero problems pulling it.  It looks blue in the pictures but its dark gray.

Afterwards we went to see our friends daughter play volleyball in a tournament.  She is really good too.  You can see her in on the court in black towards the bottom left of the picture.  They her team ended up coming in 3rd out of 12!  Here before too long she will try out to play for the school since she will be going into the 9th grade.  I am sure she will make the team!

That evening we went to Jimmy's parent's for grilled hot dogs and took a drive to see if we could see some deer.  We did of course and they were all on Garth Brooks property.  Yes, Garth lives like 3 miles away from my in-laws (8 miles from us) and I have yet to see him or Trisha in town!  We even shop at the same grocery store!  As nervous as I would and not wanting to bother him while they shop, I would have to stop and ask for a picture with him.  We have driven by his house many many times, which you can only see in the distance during the winter when the trees are dead.  I got a closer look using Google Maps though :O)  We also saw this skunk.  Can you see it in the center of the picture?  I have only seen them at night or dead on the road. 

At the end of our drive there was a nice storm that came through that left some beautiful skies to look at.

Easter morning I set my alarm to wake up early since I forgot to play Easter bunny the night before.  Wouldn't you know Kiera woke up early, like she does only on holidays.  Only she forgot it was Easter.  I had to be sneaky and fill the eggs and get them scattered in the back yard.  She stayed in her pj's and threw on some sunglasses and her rain/work boots.  She almost didn't get to hunt eggs since she went out and started without us, which isn't how we roll.

Afterwards we went out to Keystone Lake to take the truck for a spin on the sand and trails.  There are a couple places specifically for that so we weren't just taking it down on some random beach. 

There is a steep hill Jimmy had to try out the automatic down hill feature.  Push a button, take your foot off the brake and all you have to do is steer. 

We even packed a lunch and had a little picnic on the tail gate.

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Holly said...

What a nice Easter! The truck is very purty. Bet Jimmy's thrilled with it. I would love to run into Trisha in the grocery, you should just go every single day until you do.

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