April 3, 2013

Scarf Rack

I have a new found love for scarves. OK it started about a year ago but whatever. I can't believe I haven't bought more but dang they can be expensive for a piece o fabric! Maybe I should make my own ya think?   So for the past year I have been hanging them on this lovely piece.

Yes they are draped over a pants hanger that is hanging from a nail. I had been looking for a certain type of peg thing like my father-in-law has to hang his yard tools on but couldn't find one. Then when Jimmy and I were taking inventory in the camper before our Robbers Cave trip he found a spare peg thingy!

It was plain wood but I stained it with Dark Walnut and sealed it with Mod Podge. That was a total ghetto move to use Mod Podge but it I didn't really care, it works. After a gentle reminder the other day Jimmy hung it up for me.

I have to double up some scarves and once I get more some will be tripled but that is OK.  I totally love it and it was free! Woo woo!

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