March 5, 2013

Skating Party

When I was around 10 I got my first pair of roller skates.  When I was 12 (in 6th grade) I had my first kind of date at the skating ring.  My "boyfriend" just happened to be there while I was there with my friends.  Luckily my dad showed up right as the couples skating began, you know where you actually have to hold hands to skate.  My dad said he would wait so I could go skate with said boyfriend but I quickly declined.  Hold hands with a boy?  I wasn't ready for that yet!  Then when I was around 14-15 years old I got roller blades for Christmas or my bibirthday.  I would skate almost every day, during every season.  I would skate miles through our neighborhood, for hours.  I even played a little street hockey too.  Ice skating was even a breeze though I had to wear hockey skates.  Now 15 years later I took my baby girl skating for the first time at our friend's 11th birthday party.

I was a little wobbly at first while my muscles got used to the feel of the skates and keeping my balance.  But I had it in no time and was able to start skating backwards too.

They had these little walkers that Kiera called a "cane" for little ones to skate with.  It took her a while to get the hang of it but she was moving really fast by then end of the night.  She really isn't the athletic type at all.  Any time she jumps off of something or runs she looks really awkward.  But man she tries.  It was really cute when there were a group of kids going around the rink with these.

Jimmy didn't believe me that I skated and said that I was just probably photo shopped into a picture.  Of course I skated.  I actually miss skating.  This was one out of two times I convinced Kiera to let go of her "cane".   It didn't last long.

I don't believe she has ever played air hockey but she beat the other girl 7-6. 

She made a speech about something but I couldn't really hear her over the music.  There wasn't even a microphone attached but she still pretended there was one.

  She later told my friend that she was ready for cake right then.  So about 10 minutes later everyone sang happy birthday and Kiera went off to skate, alone.  I just let her go.  I then had to go get her to remind her of the cake that she wanted right then that she apparently forgot about. 

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