March 15, 2013

Garden Box - planted

The garden box now has veggies!  We bought some vegetables last weekend and just got around to planting them last night.  As soon as I got home I rolled up my pants, pulled up my sleeves, slipped on some flip flops, went straight to the backyard and got to work.  Didn't even change out of my work clothes.  Jimmy came out to help decide where we wanted to plant everything.  

We don't have a wide variety of things since this is our first garden and some people in the house are super picky when it comes to liking vegetables.  Hint: it's not me.  So we have decided to start with...
Early Girl tomatoes
sweet Georgia white onions
head lettuce

  I have brussel sprout seed already growing in the house and will have to transplant those.  It might be too late for them but we will see. Plus I don't know where I would put them because they are not going to fit in the box!  I may have to get another container of some sort to put them in, or another one of the boxes like this one.  Oh and we wanted to put some marigolds in the box since I heard the help keep bugs away, but couldn't find any at Lowe's when we got the veggies.

The two pots in front of the box have strawberries and lemon thyme.   I have 2 strawberry plants in one pot which I know I really need to separate.  I already tried a leaf of the lemon thyme and can't wait to use it on some chicken!  It's going to be soooo good!

Of course I had to check our little babies this morning and they have perked up quite nicely!


Kiera tried to get in on the action and helped putting the water hose up.  Making sure she had her "work boots" on. 

I am really excited about this little garden and we really hope it does well.  We will time!

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