March 4, 2013

First baby tooth...gone

Last Wednesday Kiera really loosened up one of her baby teeth while biting into her sandwich at lunch.  That evening she was bound and determined to get it out but it just wasn't going to happen.  It was a drama filled night.  She cried because she didn't want to loose her "sweet tooth" thanks to a stupid Pinkalicious book she has.  Then she cried because she didn't want the tooth fairy to take her tooth away (my mom has shown her me and my brothers baby teeth since she kept them) so I told her I would keep hers if she liked, that we did't have to give it to the tooth fairy.  That helped to calm her a little.  But the tooth was still a too attached at the front of her gums to come out that night.   

So after a few days of wiggling it we tried again on Saturday to pull it.  With her adult teeth coming in behind it was really hard to get a grip of the tooth since we couldn't use her gums as an anchor for popping the tooth out plus her baby teeth are tiny, even her dentist agrees.  We tried tweezers, pliers, a washcloth.  She was more comfortable with doing it to herself than letting us which is understandable but I convinced her to let me try one more time.  I was going to get it out. 

I stood next to her, grabbed onto the sides of the tooth with the tweezers, squeezed them as hard as I could, gave it a quick yank and the tooth popped right out! 

She was surprised that it didn't hurt.  What she is really excited about is that she gets to put her name on the tooth in her classroom at school.

That night I whipped up a little pillow to put her tooth in, after all she decided she wanted to leave it for the tooth fairy. 

Of course she changed her mind again and did not want the tooth fairy to take her tooth so I kept it.  I still put $2 under her pillow while she was sleeping and she still thought it was from the tooth fairy.  She was upset that there wasn't a toy under there instead of the money.  I told her she could put that $2 with her other money and pick out a toy herself which is much better than me and Dada picking out something.  She like the sound of that.

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Holly said...

Traumatic! That's the word that comes to mind when I think about this time in my daughter's life. She had two rows of teeth too. Never thought that thing would come out. She has a beautiful smile now with very straight teeth.

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