December 6, 2012

New Gift Rule

Kiera's birthday in August and Christmas time ignites a fire in me to get rid alot of unnecessary things in the house.  Toy's, decorations, clothes, junk, and whatever else I can find.  Knowing there is going to be more coming in makes me want to push stuff out.  So I do.  This year I have implemented a new rule when it comes to getting gifts for Kiera.  I have seen all over Pinterest the "4 gift rule" which is... somthing they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.  And yes I did let the grandparents know about this too.

Here are the things she is getting...

Want - Monster High doll, sewing kit (the sewing kit will be from Santa)
Need- new crayons and markers
Wear - new PJ's, Monster High shirt (MH shirt from Santa)
Read - we got her the Brave DVD but she will most likely get a book in her stocking too.

I did pretty well staying along with this (even though there are more than 4 items) and I feel really good about what we got her.  Nothing that will get lost in the bottom of her toy box, all things she will enjoy and be able to use regularly.  But when she makes a chair and desk out of  2 cardboard boxes that came in the mail to play "office" with, and grabbing some Christmas decorations spruce up her desk a bit, it feels wasteful to blow a bunch of money on all the other stuff.  You know, like the times you buy a baby a bright colored toy with fun lights and sounds and they would rather play with the box?  Yeah, she is like that.  So like I said before, I feel good about what we got her.

It is hard for her at this age not to be wrapped up in getting presents but we are still trying to drill it into her head how very lucky she is to get presents, and we will be giving presents to other people/children that don't have families or can't afford it.  Definitely things they need, not necessarily toys.   
Oh and I would share the picture of the desk but stupid Blogger told me I used all my photo storage so I gotta figure something out. 

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