November 13, 2012

Cow Girl

Last week Kiera dressed as a cowgirl for school, I think because they were celebrating Oklahoma or something.  I went out and bought the hat and she already had the rest in her closet.  This is as close as to western type clothes that she has.  You won't even find anything like this in jimmy's closet or mine.  Though I absolutely love plaid.

This picture is completely blurry except for her hat but I still love it for some reason

The bolo tie she is wearing was my grandpa's that I kept after he passed away.  He had all sorts of bolo's but I took this one because it was an angel, and I used to collect angel figurines.  I explained to Kiera how very special this bolo is to me and to not take it off under any circumstances.  Apparently that stuck with her all day because she told that to Jimmy's parents when they picked her up from school and it was still around her neck.

And now she is done.  She was complaining about freezing even though it was in the high 50's and we had only been outside for like a minute and a half.  Any other time besides early morning she would not have been that cold. 

Oh well.  I always say that even the bad pictures are better than no pictures at all.

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