September 20, 2012

running, job, trouble

Running blows.  Well I enjoy it for about a half mile then it becomes work.  The home stretch is what out right blows.  And by home stretch I mean the end of 1 mile.  Yeah a mile is a warm up for some people, not for this girl.  1 mile for Ashley = big deal.  Oh  and I have now run my 3rd full mile without stopping.  Though I have probably ran a combined 10+ miles all the other times I ran/walked.

That being said I have been stressing about the 5k.  Well I am in my head but you wouldn't know that by talking or looking at me.   I really want to run the whole thing but I don't feel it is physically possible for me.  So I am changing my attitude and I will run as much as I can and if I have to walk, then I have to walk.   I will listen to what my body tells me to do.

I finally got a new pair of black capri's and a couple shirts from Old Navy to work out in.  Oh man am I comfy in my clothes while running.  My pants don't fall down either!  It's nice to not have that distraction.  Plus everything ended up being half off.   Score!

I got a new job.  Same company different position.  I am currently the Training Coordinator for a non profit organization that provides services to people that have developmental disabilities.  My new job will be the Quality Improvement Specialist (as of this Friday), which means I will be auditing files and books, making sure everyone is compliant with state and government guidelines, and a whole other slew of quality related stuff.  Only the super fun part is that there is no one to replace me  at the moment so until that happens I get to do BOTH jobs!  And then I get to train whoever we hire!  I wish you could hear the lack of excitement in my voice.  So if you need a 30-40 hour/week job, call me.  Now.

Kiera has been getting in trouble at school.  She totally gets that from Jimmy.  I am NOT a troublemaker in the least bit.  Seriously I don't think some people knew I existed.  One person in class would sneeze and everyone would say "bless you", I would sneeze right after them and....{crickets}.   Seriously that happened, senior year Algebra II (no good at math).  So yeah 3 times in the last week she got in trouble for different things.  The girl is in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  If it happens again this month I just might cry. BUT at least she  is semi honest and immediately tells us when she does get in trouble.  She just fesses up right away and that is what makes us happy.  

With that being said I already bought tickets to take Kiera to see Disney on Ice with our BFF's.  It is next weekend.  I hope she doesn't get in trouble at school between now and then.  I will still take her though.  Kiera and her bff don't know we are taking them, so we will just show up and it will be a complete surprise! 

Oh em gee Kiera's 2 bottom teeth are loose.  The right one is going to go first, then the left.  I will definitely cry when that happens.  She on the other hand is ecstatic.  I am predicting sometime in December she will lose the first one.  I am not looking forward to gangly adult teeth in her tiny little mouth.  Her teeth are so cute and she gets compliments on how white and tiny and straight they are when I take her to the dentist.

That is all I have for now.  I'm out like a trout.

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