September 18, 2012

Little seamstress

Whilst going on a sewing spree the weekend before last Kiera went and plopped her little self down at my sewing machine.  Usually I try to keep her away from it but this time I wanted to see what she would do.  She began to work the thread around and only got 2 parts wrong.  I was a little shocked at how much she threaded correctly.  She has been paying attention to what I have been doing. 

I went over and showed her how to do it correctly and then let her sew a little stitch of fabric.  She already knew how to hold the fabric and how to push the pedal to make the machine work.


Oh and the day before that when I was working on the sweater turned cardigan Kiera was trying to do a little work of her own.  

I had left the scraps laying on the floor and a few minutes later I turned around to find her with one of her shirts pinning the scraps to the sleeves.  It was entirely too cute.  It's times like this when it hits me just how much she pays attention to what I am doing, or even saying. 

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