September 12, 2012

Altering clothes

Once again I got on a sewing kick.  I had a few items in my closet that I wanted to take a stab at altering them and after some research online I was fairly confident I could pull it off. 

First up I took this sweater

I laid another shirt I have on top that I like the length of the sleeves.

 I cut the sleeves of the red sweater.

I cut the hem off and turned it inside out.

 I lined up the hemmed piece over the edge of the sleeve.  Shirt is right side out and the hem wrong side out.

 Pinned the sleeve down.  You will make your seam right along the change in pattern .

 I forgot to take a picture of it finished buy you can see it on the left of this picture.  After you make the seam you just trim off the excess fabric and flip the hemmed fabric down.  Then i cut the sweater up the middle.

I folded the edge of the sweater towards the inside and stitched the seam on the outside of the sweater since I had a nice straight guide to go by.  I did pin it down to hold it in place.  If you want you could use a no sew tape but I wanted to sew!!

And that's all I got for you.  Just trust me it worked out.  I got antsy to start my other sewing projects.  Only I need to add a little button or something to it so it doesn't just hang open and is fits snug against my body.

  My next project was this blue and white striped shirt. I don't wear it too often because the sleeves stretch out easily and that really annoys me.  Plus I feel the style is pretty blah now and wanted to add a little something else to it. 

Along came this shirt.  

And here is my mine.  I may need to take in the sides to make it more fitting, since you can see the shirt is pretty straight, I am not.  The sleeves gather more when I wear it and I am quite pleased how it turned out.  It was super easy to do too.  I just cut off the sleeves, hemmed them up.  Then I took some blue from the sleeves that I cut off and made little strips that I attached from then inside and outside with the button.

Oh but wait, there's more!  I also have this thermal cardigan thing that I have never been crazy about the cut, but it was on clearance at Target for $4 so I couldn't pass it up.  There was A LOT of fabric on this sucker and it hung way down on the sides but was short in the front and back.  No bueno for my body shape.  (Eww, grainy pictures)

I cut off all that long fabric on the side ant then took it in even more since it was still pretty loose.  It fits like a glove now or just a well fitted cardigan thingy.  I can't wait until it gets cooler and I can pair it with some cute tanks underneath!  Which is also the plan for the red sweater I made too.

Oh and sorry for the lack of in process pictures.  If you know me, that is not really my thang.  Besides, that is what Google is for!

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