August 22, 2012

Running update

As I mentioned a while back I started running slash walking at the beginning of April.  I was doing great and then it got hot outside. Really really hot outside.  Like 113 degree muggy hot outside.  Like the air was so hot it practically just burned your skin.  Not just the sun but the AIR!!!

Seeing as I did not want to die from a heat stroke I stopped about a week or two into June.  Ugh, I know I know.  Not a good thing.  However it wasn't so bad since I didn't gain any weight and I kept off the 14 pounds I have lost!  Woo hoo!  Yes I have lost 14 lbs.  Feels awesome of course.  I still have 31 more pounds to lose but I will get there.  So now that body has gotten nice and comfortable where it is at I am going to shock it back into losing again since I started running slash walking last week.  Oh how I wish I never stopped because it is like starting over again.  Though I can still run longer than I could when I first started running so that is definitely an improvement.  Only running is not all that I am doing.

Remember this guy I got for free?  Probably not because I was only 1 month into blogging and had 3 consistent readers.  2 of which were my parents.  Anyway we finally got the bike fixed and tuned a couple months ago.  Yeah way to wait a year and a half to get going on that.  I think it ended up costing like $120, but everything was checked and tuned and now it works like a charm.  So after I get finished with my measly 1 mile run/walk I hop on the bike and zig zag my way through our massive neighborhood.  I am guessing it is 2 miles worth?  Towards the end of my ride I can't wait to get off the dang bike because the seat is meant for someone without a backside, which is not me.  This girl has some junk in her trunk.  So yeah, I need a cushier seat.

Overall I am really excited about running again, though I hate it at the same time.  Good thing my lower legs are stronger and the shin splints are gone.  Shin splints = no bueno.  But during those couple months of not working out I noticed a change in my attitude that I didn't like.  So I am back on track and working my way back up!  Or down if you are talking about weight! 

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