January 18, 2011

New Toys

Yesterday at work I was sitting at my desk and decided to check my email.  I dont always keep it open because I use so many other programs that my computer gets bogged down big time.  I hate my computer so much that I accidentally (seriously accidentally) knocked over my tea and was yelling at it to pour down and fry my computer.  It missed the computer.  

Anyway, I saw the President/CEO had sent out an email about this bicycle he brought to the office that was sitting up against the dumpster at the back of our building.  Apparently some teenage boys were playing tag on their bikes and ran into a tree.  He said that the frame may be bent but it was out there for the taking, first come first serve.  Of course I jumped up and ran outside to see if it was there! 

And it was!  The Prez was getting into his truck to go to a meeting while I was wheeling it over to somehow load it in my car.  He got out of his truck and showed me how the front wheel detaches and then went on his way.  It actually fit snugly in the back of my Accord  (minus the front wheel), even with Kiera's carseat!

It is a few years old and but is still in great condition.  Of course I went online to see exactly how much this bike would have set me back if I bought it in the store...$379.00!!!!!!!  And I got it for FREE!!!!  Woo hoo!  Plus I really need to work out  and loose some weight so hopefully this will do the trick!

I actually rode it when I got home.  In heels.  I know, that's hot.  It needs some air in the tires and the shifting seemed a little off but I'm sure I can fix all that!  If not, I'll just take it to the bike shop. 

 It was also time for a new phone.  I got this Blackberry Pearl about 3 years ago.  It was the first nice phone I had.  Every one I got before that was just the "free" phone.  It has seen a lot of love from Kiera and the ground.

Well feast your eyes upon my new iphone!

Of course I had to get a plaid cover for it!  I just know I'm going to love it!


Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Congrats on the iPhone. I've had a torrid love-affair with mine for a couple of years now and my heart still skips a beat when I hold him. :)

Yanet of 3 SKBs

ella@lifeologia said...

Double score!
Awesome bike and iphone ;)

I am loving your blog by the way ;)

Ashley said...

Yeah the phone is super addicting. I have even have trouble getting ready for work because it distracts me!

Anonymous said...

I have the white iPhone 4 but I have the same black and white cover you have!!! I have to clean it all therime though!!! I love my iPhone!!! :)

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