August 21, 2012

I need a wood wall

I am getting antsy to change up the  house a bit because as I have mentioned before I really want to make it ours and not just the way the previous owners left it.  Not that is is bad or not our style cause it is nice and our style but I am just tired of looking at it and it still feels like it's theirs at times.  Does that make sense?  And 6 years of it looking the same way is wearing on me.  Even though I am not crazy for change, this is one I am ready for.

Now I am no where near ready to change up the colors in the kitchen (that is red) and living room (that is yellow), which I plan on doing eventually but they are the main attraction in the house and need to look good.  I need some serious time to seriously think about the color scheme that I want to go with that Jimmy will approve of (luckily we have the same taste).  I don't need or want to do a complete overhaul but painting the walls and adding new drapes to make everything work together is a big thing.  Well at least for me it is.

So to feel like I am doing something with this house I like to start off with smaller projects that aren't in the spotlight, like the bathrooms.  

Since I am basically done with Jimmy's bathroom it is high time to move onto mine.  
Here is what it currently looks like and has for the past 6  years.

 Woo hoo more gold,  green and red like the living room/kitchen!!!  Not.  The only things I added were the drapes and little decorations and pictures.  It was already green when we moved in, 6 years ago.  Don't want you to forget that.  I want to lighten up the whole room and have very neutral colors.   After I thought long and hard about what colors I wanted I was looking around on Pinterest for inspiration of course when I came across this picture.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh (cue Angel's singing)!

I fell in love instantly and decided that I need a wood wall.  There on the on the back wall of the whirlpool tub.  Light tan walls with white trim.  Simple white drapes maybe.  Hanging lanterns with greenery spilling out from them.  Dark Bamboo shade in the toilet room.  Can't you just see it?   I sure can and it will be GORGEOUS!   

Of course now that I have made up my mind of what I want I will be impatient and want it done now.  Only I will need supplies and to find the actual paint color I want to use so yeah, it will be a while.  :O(   But hopefully not too long.  Ha!

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