August 17, 2012

First day of kindergarten

Wednesday night Kiera and I made her lunch.

6:30am Kiera wakes up and comes into our bedroom and I let her lay in bed with us until I needed to get up.  She sits on the couch and watches tv while she drinks her hot cocoa and munches on some Apple Jacks during which I get ready for work.  We then fix her hair and she puts her outfit on the opposite side of the couch because that is the "girls dressing room".  We hang out a little longer before I take her outside to get some pictures.  She was excited to go to school, though sad that she didn't get to see her Pre K teacher anymore.

Now we head to the bus stop.  Yes she is riding the bus to school, her choice not mine.

I did fine until the bus pulled up and stopped.  I was busy talking to the driver and didn't get a picture of her walking up the stairs.

She actually got on the wrong bus but the driver said it was ok and she could take her, she was going to Kiera's school after all.  I have since switched her bus assignment to that one, since it picks her up earlier and the bus driver was awesome.

I cannot look at that picture without crying.  Can not do it.  The joy on her face is absolutely priceless.  She was waving but I missed it because I turned off my camera. 

There she goes.  Such a big girl.  I just have no words for my feelings.  Happy, sad, proud, scared...they just don't convey the feelings I have for this tiny little human.

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