August 13, 2012

Bowling Par-tay

For Kiera's 4 previous birthday's  we have had a party here at home but this year she decided she wanted to go bowling.  She has never been bowling before and was really looking forward to it.  I have to say it was awesome not having to decorate the house, clean like crazy, get food ready, etc.  We just grabbed the cake and ice cream and meet everyone at the bowling alley (which is only 3 miles from our house, woo hoo!).  We actually got a party package that included pizza and drinks and the party room where our own little hostess to set it all up for us.  Iwillbedoingthisagainthankyouverymuch.

Someone get this girl a modeling contract!  Kidding.  So kidding.



She handled those 6-8 pound bowling balls like a champ!  I made sure to teach her how to cheer on the ball to make it down the lane and to hit the pins.


All the kiddos in attendance.

Oh they were so excited for the Barbie Beach House.

Unicorn cake with a fatty neck courtesy of me.

It was an awesome day.  Kiera was glowing all day long if you can't tell from her beautiful beaming smile.  She had a such a great time and was so sweet and thankful for everyone being there and for her gifts.  I can not believe she is five now.   AND starting kindergarten this week.  Must go cry now.

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