August 10, 2012

Kiera's Birthday

The night before Kiera's birthday I hung streamers from her door and made a fun little blockade she would have to bust through in the morning.  I had a bad feeling the entire time I was putting it up that my plan would be thwarted.  Oh and I taped myself in so I had to crawl under the ribbon in the doorway.  Good thing I fit.

About 30 minutes after I finished hanging the streamers and went to bed I hear a noise from the monitor (yes the baby monitor we still have hooked up) and then I hear Kiera crying.  Awesome.  I knew it!  I just knew it.  I jump up and run to find her standing in the hallway asking "Mama what is all this stuff?"  Ugh.  I crawl under the blockade and tell her not to worry about it, that it's a surprise for the morning.  She has calmed down and I go back to bed.  Within the next hour I have to go back into her room 2 more times!  I finally asked her if she wanted me to take the stuff down and she said yes (even though her door was closed and she couldn't see it).   Only I tucked the ones hanging from her door behind the cabinet next to it and only untaped one side of the blockade.  Ha ha!  She is apparently just like me and doesn't like it if things are changed, it does not leave our mind at ease.

I set it all up again in the morning and now she thought it was fun.  I had her run through the blockade since she would only crawl under it.   Ew, horrendous quality picture. 

After we got home from work we let Kiera open the presents we got her.

Hello Kitty pillow she picked out in the store and I bought right then (since it was the only one left) under the condition it would be a birthday present.  She agreed so  I hid it from her birthday but she did not forget about it!

Bumble Bee mask

And a Hello Kitty Lunchbox for school! 

I also got her the Hello Kitty Spoon/Fork, drink container, and some plastic containers to store her food in.  Yesterday morning I actually had to pack her a lunch to take to Nana and Papa's house.  Only she couldn't wait until lunch to eat it so she had a ham sandwich, chips, and a little cake with apricot tea for breakfast!!!

She wanted Pizza Hut for dinner so of course that is where we went.

This look should tell you a lot about how she was doing by this point.  We had just spent 1.5 hours at her doctors office for her check up and shots.  It was an hour and 10 minutes before we saw the doctor.  Kiera was complaining a lot, and I was holding in my frustrations quite well.  Then going to sit in a booth and wait for food after the doctor visit and shots were just too much.  She was pretty whiny and really didn't get better until we were home.
"Mama I do not want you to take my picture!!!"

When we got home Kiera wanted to decorate herself a cupcake since she doesn't get her big birthday cake until her party on Saturday.

We slapped on a candle and sang happy birthday.  She was one happy girl.

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Hespyhesp said...

Happy birthday to Kiera! That look on her face at Pizza Hut is priceless!

I tried to do balloons all over the floor the night before Haeden turned three and he totally woke up in the night and wanted to know what was going on, too!

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